MAE // Post transformation update!

Transformation 2016

Transformation 2016

Post Transformation 2018

Post Transformation 2018

Since her last transformation, Mae continued to incorporate the tools she learned from her Imago Coach into her daily life and continued to challenge herself by signing up for other running races. It all started because her husband challenged her to run a 5K after she told him she was getting stronger since starting her fitness transformation program. It was her first time in years that she completed a 5K without stopping at a 10:13 min/mi pace. In 2017, she completed several running races with distances she previously would have never attempted to run such as completing her first Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon and becoming a Spartan Trifecta Finisher. Today, she continues to sign up for races in hopes to beat her run times from all the races she completed last year. So far Mae has PR’d (personal record) in every single race she has completed with a PR of 8:46 pace for a 1 mile, 9:31 pace for a 5K, and a 9:55 pace for a 10K – All under 10 min/mi paces which she thought would never happen. IMPRESSIVE!

SF Running

How has this working mother of two maintained her fitness?

·       #1 Through the support of my husband. His fitness journey has been inspiring and fitness is something we commonly share and enjoy together. Staying healthy for our children is our #1 motivator as we both want to live as long as possible to witness every important milestone of our children’s lives.

·       #2 When not on program I frequently prep the meals I learned while on program. I don’t strictly follow the plan, but it helps me gauge the amount of calories I’m putting into my body which helps me maintain my weight. When I fall off the fitness wagon, I bounce back by following the 10-day meal plans. Meal prepping helps with staying on track, prevents me from eating out all the time and it saves money. I also use the MyFitnessPal app to track my daily calorie intake. 

·       #3 I incorporate the tools I learned from IMAGO when it comes to exercise in my daily routine such as fasted cardio and lifting weights. Lifting continues to shape my body, has helped tremendously with the obstacles during the Spartan Races and has reduced my body fat % -- which is my new obsession.

I also continue to stay connected with the IMAGO family and their positive energy motivates me to attain my fitness goals.

Spartan Race

Why Goal Setting Is Important?

·       For me, setting goals helps me get to the next level. Tracking my progress helps me understand what I need to do to accomplish the goal in hand and it is THE best feeling ever when the goal is attained. Throughout my fitness journey, I've accomplished many goals that I thought I would never have the endurance to complete. Crossing the finish line in all my races helped me build confidence in not only accomplishing other fitness challenges, but also challenges within my career. My can-do attitude has substantially increased and I've gained the confidence to conquer anything I set my mind to.

Mae’s Future Goals

·       Run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in October this time without stopping (I cramped up last year. My ultimate goal of the year is to PR this race.)

·       Complete another Spartan Trifecta before end of the year.

·       Maintain a low fat %