Vino + Crochet // Imago Girl's Night In

What better way to kick off Valentine's Weekend than with a classic GALentine's night in? Charlene Alcanices, Imago Studio Ambassador and Personal Trainer, is a lady of several talents. Aside from her fitness career, Charlene is a fiber artist and owns a business named YARNchitecture. She has been hosting several, fun events where she is redefining yarn art. 

When asked about her passion behind this, Charlene had an incredible story to share.. 

"Yarn heals. 

The old past time craft to knit and crochet no longer sits within the dated idea of our grandmothers sitting around a circle, knitting/crocheting a baby blanket or booties.  Over the years, there has been a resurgence of this wonderful craft and tons of research around the health and wellness benefits of being able to knit and/or crochet.  Once someone has gotten over the learning curve of first learning how to knit and crochet....there are few of the health and wellness benefits that yarn-crafting has demonstrated.  For many, it reduces stress and anxiety.  The repetitive motion is said to release serotonin, which is seen as an anti-depressent.  More over, the craft can help boost self-esteem because honestly... there is a sense of pride being able to wear or make a piece made from your own hands.

I have been knitting and crocheting for almost 9 years.  I was blessed to have a friend teach me.  Since then, I have been making custom pieces for people.  However, it has always been my goal to create a resurgence of this old past time craft and teach those who have always wanted to learn.  The root of YARNchitecture has always been pushing the boundaries of fiber art and translating it into high fashion pieces.  The Needle House was birthed by YARNchitecture to begin teaching people the craft in hopes to inspire them to also push the boundaries of fiber art.

I had the blessed opportunity to share my love for yarn crafting with Imago where I was able to blend my adoration to teach the ladies a new skill while also opening up the health & wellness benefits that this skill will bring over time.  As a fitness professional, it is not just the physical aspect that I focus on but a true integration between their physical & mental total wellness.  The Needle House is my way of extending my passion to helping individuals promote and live a healthy, balanced life." 

We hope to have several more events like this within the Imago Studio! Please contact us at or by simply commenting below if you would be interested in the next Imago Vino + Crochet night. 

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