The journey of strength

Kat's Journey


There are some events in your life that are monumental and speak volumes about the person you are.  Those events to me include my marriage, the birth of my children, my son’s hospitalization and my transformation.


Marrying my husband and the birth of my children taught me lessons on love that I could never put into words.  To sum it up, I live for them. They are my all.  So, when my youngest was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, my world fell apart. I then focused all my energy into worrying about him, his future and how our family will manage his treatment.  Slowly, the toll of the constantly worrying about my family's health, and well being, without real regard for my own, took its toll on me physically and mentally. And with worry, came limits.  I started imposing limits on what I could do and in turn, in what my kids could do. 


In my attempt to get “healthy,” I reverted back to my high school days of crash diets, not eating my meals and doing workouts only to coincide with major events.  It was never consistent, and neither were my results. I was getting more and more tired of feeling tired, constantly critiquing my body and knowing that I was cheating my kids out of a mom who could be a real role model. What was worse was that I had expectations of my kids to always try their hardest and to put effort into their work, but I couldn’t even make the effort to help myself.  I thought, “how could I teach my daughter about self-esteem when I can’t muster it up myself?”  “How could I ask my son to keep trying going with his therapy, when I gave up on myself months ago?”  My husband, tried his best to encourage me to take time for my health. But, as most moms do, I placed “me time” second to family time.


After weeks of contemplating what I needed to do to get out of my slump, and seeing other people I knew transform themselves on social media, something clicked…all I wanted, all I needed, was a jump start. And that’s when I decided to contact Coach Huong.


I started my fitness journey at Imago without any expectations. I started with the twelve week transformation and within those twelve weeks, and with guidance from Coach Huong, so many things changed. I had an abundance of energy, a new perspective on nourishment and enough encouragement from those around me to go beyond the limits I had placed on myself.  Almost immediately my relationship with my family changed.  I found less excuses to be afraid of life’s uncertainties and I became more aware of the responsibility I held as a mom.  Week after week, I not only started shedding weight (16 pounds in all), I started to become more fearless.  In some way, the ability to take control of my health and mindset, set all of us free from the limitations I had put on myself and on my family. I realized that we, as a family, were all stronger than I believed - stronger together, but it had to start with me.


Over the course of my transformation, I met many other women who shared the same drive and had their own inspirational stories to tell.  Most importantly, there was support and encouragement for everyone that walked through Imago’s doors.  So much support that it lead me to the decision on competing at my first show.  Luckily, a familiar face joined me.  Diana and I knew each other from middle school and were reconnected through training for our first show. Together we’ve tackled more mental barriers than I could have imagined.  And have done it with smiles on our faces and sparkle in our step (and literally, we sparkle in our suits).  But what Imago and Coach Huong has instilled in us is a team mentality…we pick each other up and push each other harder.  I couldn’t be in better in company.


So today,my son is well, my family is stronger and I am forever grateful.  I've completed my first competition and met a lot of inspiring people along the way.  The journey has not just been about the physical…it was a journey that gave my family the wife/mom they deserved.  And the best part...the journey isn’t over. ...