Better together...

IMAGO FITNESS is about building community and encouraging those around you to seek improvements in their daily lives through health and fitness. This is the story of three families who did just that. 


It all started with the Moradi's. 

The Moradi Family

The Moradi Family

What started out as a goal in losing the 50+ pounds I had gained through my pregnancy quickly became a total body and mind transformation phenomenon for my entire family.

I was introduced to IMAGO through my friend’s social media posts.  She had turned her world around by devoting herself to IMAGO’s program.  My husband and I witnessed her transform before our very eyes.  Her periodical selfies posted online were slowly removing our initial skepticism.  Finally, I decided to give IMAGO a call and seek their wisdom for my weight struggle.

IMAGO Fitness didn’t just put me on another cookie-cutter diet program.  They changed the way I thought about food and fitness.  They listened to my goals, evaluated my body and eating habits and gave me the necessary tools to essentially change my life-style.  The result:  It’s been almost a year and I’m grateful I gave them a call.  Not only have I lost the 50+ pounds I had gained, I dropped to a size I hadn’t fit into since my days in Junior High!  My body fat percentage is below 16% (that’s athletic level for a female!) and my body shape has changed dramatically to the point where all my friends have noticed and continue to comment.

After witnessing my transformation, my husband joined IMAGO as well.  It was just a matter of time.  Five months later and he’s down 30 pounds and 4 pant sizes.  His body fat is below 14% and he has never looked younger and feeling healthier.  No longer are we struggling with low self-esteem and hiding in baggy clothes.  No longer do we suffer from lack of energy throughout the day.  This is a total body and mind transformation.  We feel we have the knowledge to sustain this change for a lifetime.

Thank you to our coaches Huong and Kyle of IMAGO Fitness!  We could not have achieved our goals without your continued motivation, endless knowledge and tireless patience.  For anyone out there who is tired of dieting and wants a real life-style change, do yourself a favor and contact IMAGO FITNESS…you can thank me later.

The Radda Family

The Radda Family

Over the years, through our 20's, marriage and a baby, Pavel and I developed some pretty poor eating and virtually non-existent workout habits.  I heard my neighbor, Delbarr, was doing a 12 week transformation and sure enough, I saw her slowly melt away over the holiday months.  She looked unbelievable - fit, full of energy and like a new person!   I just had to know what she did so I asked her to coffee one day and we spent an hour and a half talking about her fitness journey.  I realized we shared similar eating habits and workout routines so I thought maybe I could do it too!  I knew that getting fit would be extremely difficult and way out of my comfort zone but I was up for a challenge.

Once I decided to take the leap and do the 12 week transformation, Pavel immediately said he wanted to work with Coach Huong as well.  I was beyond excited that we were going to do this together.  I thought this would be an amazing challenge for the both of us that would not only benefit us but ultimately, help us be better parents.  We encouraged each other when we needed it most and kept each other focused on the end goal.  We were really a team - making each other meals, working out together and celebrating each others' accomplishments along the way.  

Pavel and I are so lucky to go through this whole journey with amazing neighbors who are all going through the 12 week transformation as well.  It's nice to know others who know what you are going through and can offer support and encouragement when we need it most.  We workout together, share food tips and even go shopping together for new clothes!  It's like a built-in support system and cheering squad!

This fitness journey has changed and improved our lives in so many wonderful ways.  As a result of losing weight and getting fit, Pavel's blood pressure has gone down significantly (something that he struggled with for years), we have more energy to chase after our toddler, sleep better and all around happier.  We hope that our story inspires others and shows readers that anything is possible with motivation, determination and focus.

The Witlin Family

The Witlin Family

Over the last several months my husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Huong alongside our neighbors. It has been amazing to see the transition of our entire group -- a group of people who are driven in their work, but had not been as driven with fitness and nutrition.    

Working with Hong has not only improved our physical appearance, it has improved the collective well-being for our entire community.  

The transformation of our group started with Delbarr. After a very short period of time, it was clear that whatever she was doing was working. She was both more physically fit and more active, and seemed to have a great attitude and a burst of energy. From there, her husband, Arash, started the program alongside our next-door neighbors, Leslie and Povel.

Watching the transformation of every individual has been amazing. The transformation seemed to be happening quicker than we would've imagined. So much so, that my husband and I decided to embark on our own transformation. We did so initially to really reshape the way that we ate. For both of us, cooking, nutrition, and consistent exercise was something that we were not equipped to do well. More importantly, I had been experiencing personal challenges and daily adjustments since the birth of our son, Tyler. My husband and I were no longer the priority...and it became fairly obvious in most aspects of our life, most notably affecting our energy levels and physical health. Friends and family were beginning to voice their concerns and encouraging me to "do something for yourself every single day". With that mantra in mind, we began to look for opportunities. It was around the same time that we began noticing the transformation our neighbors were going through - making themselves a priority and focusing on becoming physically fit. 

Fast-forward 12 weeks, and we have not only transformed the way that we look, but have also transformed the way that we act and live. We are able to do more physical activity, with higher endurance, strength, and confidence.

We are eating significantly better, and have the tool set to know what we should be eating and which foods we should be avoiding.

For those considering working with the Imago program and Huong, know that this is a major commitment and there's a lot of hard work. This is not the type of program where you take a pill and expect results. This is a program that will transform your life. While the transformation is only 12 weeks, the results will last a lifetime.